Veterans Explore Benefits of Utilizing Medical Cannabis for Alleviating PTSD

As soldiers, we’re taught that we have the support and the love of the American people. We see the yellow ribbons and we’re told thank you for Weed delivery LA your service, and the entire nine. That’s not expected to stop when we got out, stated Army Veteran Specialist Leo Bridgewater, Sr.Bridgewater served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He suffered a knee injury at an Army base back in the states.

Medical marijuana procedure won't appear on ballot

A ballot step focused on legislating belongings and use of percentages of marijuana for medical use will not appear on the November tally, Secretary of State Shantel Krebs said Friday.In a statement, Krebs stated an obstacle to the variety of legitimate petition trademarks sent with the step was unsuccessful and it didn't have enough to meet the 13,871 signatures had to appear on the tally.

If petition gets enough trademarks, medical marijuana policy will be on the ballot

Voters may get to decide in November whether medical cannabis should be legal and regulated in the city of Bakersfield.Today was the very first day petitioners started collecting outside businesses to try and collect adequate trademarks to put the initiative on the tally. They said the choice ought to be up to the voters and not the members of the city board.One petitioner said their goal is to collect 19,500 autographs by May 20.


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